Jones Crescent Apartments

Melville, Hamilton     

This project commenced in January 2013, with completion in September 2013. It comprised of nine architecturally designed townhouses, developed with the housing needs of hospital staff in mind. The development comprised of 4 two-bed/single bathroom units, 1 two-bed/double bathroom and garage units, and 4 double-story, two-bed, double bathroom units.

Three units were sold off plans prior to construction, and the remainder were sold to individuals who had a connection with Waikato Hospital. Our intention was to develop a modern, safe and secure complex. The property had CCTV cameras, an automatic security gate, community lighting and alarms in all units.

Since the completion of this project, owners and residents have approached Brymer Group expressing their desire to invest in the next development, situated also in Melville. All owners have commented on the quality and finish of the complex.