Te Kauhanganui (Debating Chambers)


Te Kauhanganui is the hub of all Tainui Marae, where the elected representatives of each Marae come together to debate and discuss important tribal matters.

The building was in a serious state of deterioration, caused mostly by water damage sustained over twenty years. The decision was made to rectify this and future proof the building for years to come. This was a complicated and delicate rebuild, with consideration to Tikanga and due process, while achieving the desires of the people.

Brymer Group worked closely with the onsite maintenance team. The scope of work consisted of redesign and replacement of the roof and support structure, re-cladding of the exterior using state-of-the-art materials and application processes, painting, refurbishment and re-coating of aluminium joinery, and strengthening of the lead light windows. Removing the carvings for their refurbishment was an intricate process.

The entire chamber was stripped internally and fitted with new ceilings, new carpets, painted walls, electrical refit using C-bus technology, and installation of new LED lighting to main chambers and Taonga cabinets situated in both chambers and the lounge.