Waahi Paa


Brymer Group refurbished Mira Te Kakara at Waahi Paa Marae. Over the years this complex sustained a lot of water damage. We redesigned the main roof of the building and implemented an effective water disposal system. We also installed a new large central glass skylight, new cladding and spouting, and painted the external walls. Inside, we addressed all of the structural weaknesses which required the design and placement of new steel support beams, new ceilings, a new electrical fitout, redecoration. The fire alarm system was updated to meet current regulations.

The glass skylight in particular was an intricate part of the redevelopment, involving careful removal and replacement of the previous deteriorated skylight. The completed skylight allows warmth and light into the building.

Brymer Group also completed feasibility studies and all investigative works and reports, including geo-technical testing and surveying required for consent, for the future development of the area between Waahi Paa and the Waikato River.